Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

As any coach does, I tried to leave my judgemental coaching hat at home, but it became apparent very early on that that was going to be virtually impossible. I have to say that over my couple of gym visits, the standard of technique that I observed was appalling.

Training Recommendations: I Don’t Know Where To Start!

Now, to a sedentary person, this all sounds like a lot. To others, who class themselves as generally physically active, not a whole pile. But there still is an obesity epidemic in this country that places significant strain on the country’s healthcare resources. Why is that?

“My Body’s a Temple Too”

As people seek a simple solution to their nutrition “problem”, they typically look for a type of diet that can be summed up in one concise and easily digestible statement.

Rugby S&C: Train How You Want to Play

The games and drills that are used in training, should be used specifically. That is to say, that they’re programmed with a specific goal in mind.

The Power of Knowing What Not to Do

It can be far more important to know what not to do with your athletes than it is to know what to do, in order to improve their performance.

Knowledge is Power

Those that genuinely care, will always keep in mind the long-term development of their clients, as well as the long-term impact that they, themselves, can have on them.

I Don’t Know It All

The experienced coach may not be certain often, but they will be certain of one thing, and that is, that they know very little for certain.

Why Confidence is Key in Sports Performance

They say that confidence is key. Whether you’re approaching a member of your desired sex, presenting to an audience, stepping on-stage or taking a penalty in front of thousands of people, it is the single, most desirable and useful trait to possess.  Confidence in yourself. Confidence in your ability to execute. Confidence in your ability […]