The GAA Gamespeed Blueprint


If we want to be able to play fast as GAA athletes then we need to be able to move fast. However, gaelic games aren’t played in one direction. This 16-week program is a comprehensive look at how to develop multidirectional speed for elite-level GAA.



It is often said that speed is a superpower when it comes to team-sports.

And many say that it is a quality that can’t be trained.

I most certainly agree with the former statement and disagree with the latter in relation to speed development.

I’ve trained 100s of athletes to be faster over the years and contrary to popular belief it has not been a complicated process.

This manual is the culmination of my many years working in the GAA with the goal of preparing my athletes appropriately for the game and maximising their gains in relation to multidirectional speed!

We can train GAA athletes like sprinters, but it’s not likely to lead to huge transfer towards their playing ability.

We can train them like endurance runners, but it may come at the expense of speed development.

Or we can train them to be what they ought to be. The fastest players on the field in multiple directions.

This 16-week training program does just that! Taking athletes through a progressive and simple process for developing gamespeed in GAA.

If you want to be the fastest athlete on the field this season, then this is the program for you!

The first 15 to sign-up get a 15% discount, so don’t miss out and let’s get after those gains this off-season!

The GAA Gamespeed Blueprint

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All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

This program is suitable for senior-level, adult GAA athletes, with an extensive training history. This program uses advanced methods for the development of speed and agility, so it is recommended that athletes have already build a solid foundation of strength, speed, robustness, aerobic fitness and movement quality before beginning the program.
The program includes 16 weeks of linear speed and change of direction/agility sessions, with a 2x week training split. The program also includes 10 weeks of conditioning for developing aerobic ability and tolerance for high speed running for match-play.
It is recommended that this program is run in conjunction with a comprehensive, individualised strength training program, specific to gaelic games. The information contained in “The GAA Gamespeed Blueprint” is not meant to replace any specific advice you may have been given by a doctor, athletic trainer, or therapist. The information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical input or action.
This program is written for fit and healthy, adult-level GAA players, so it is not suitable for injured athletes. It is not to be used as a replacement for any rehab or return to play protocol prescribed by a doctor, athletic trainer, or therapist. It is not to be used in place of professional assessment and prescribed rehabilitation by a rehab professional. It is recommended that you see a rehab or medical professional if you are injured, and seek clearance from them before beginning this program.
If implemented with appropriate intent, in conjunction with an effective, individualised strength program and whilst employing elite-level habits in regards to nutrition, sleep and recovery, the user is very likely to improve in regards to their gamespeed ability by following the advice in this manual.

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