10-week GAA Pre-Season Running Master Plan


10-Week Pre-Season Running Program incorporating Conditioning, Speed and Agility sessions to help you peak for the GAA season ahead!


The main problem that GAA teams and athletes run into is in regards to running volume and conditioning. How much do you do? How much is too much? What pace should we run at? How do we coach efficient mechanics? And how do we coach change of direction and agility?

This 10-week Pre-Season Running Program answers all of the above questions, and breaks down just how much and what you should be doing for your individual needs. The program incorporates conditioning, speed and agility sessions to help you to peak your performance for the season ahead. If you’re on a tight budget, then this is the program for you.

10-week GAA Pre-Season Running Master Plan

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All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

The program encompasses an 10-week progression through conditioning, speed and change of direction/agility elements. There are 2 conditioning sessions/week and 1-2 speed/agility sessions/week included.
The conditioning sessions are individualized based on the ability/proficiency of the athlete.
I have worked with a broad range of GAA players. Some have played at an inter-county level, and others have struggled to make their local club side. The goal of the program is to offer an elite standard of programming and coaching, to players that would otherwise not be lucky enough to experience it. So for that reason, the program is suitable for all adult GAA players.
If you have a persistent injury, you will not be able to complete every aspect of this program. As with anything, you may experience some benefit in your unaffected qualities, but I suggest that a more personalized approach would be more beneficial for you. Either consult with a physiotherapist and supplement your rehabilitation with this program. Or alternatively, contact me for a consultation and a more personalized rehabilitation program, in in-person or online coaching.

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