Pre-Season Rugby Program


8-week pre-season rugby program encompassing strength, speed, agility and conditioning elements.


During my time as a Strength and Conditioning coach I have worked with athletes at all levels of rugby. From the elite of the elite, to the weekend-warriors, I’ve helped them to stay robust enough to turn in performances on a weekly basis, and in many cases, helped them to improve their performance along the way.
Any decent pre-season program has got to encompass all components of the game. The main goal of pre-season is to recondition your body back to the demands of the sport, in order to prevent injury or poor performance during the season. For this reason, the old school blowouts at the beginning of the season are becoming less and less common. That’s not to say, that your body won’t reap the rewards of a high-volume session every so often. However, it’s got to be progressive and it only works if you have ample time to rest and recover afterwards.
This program gives the amateur player the opportunity to train using a comprehensive, progressive, professional-style approach to all aspects of the pre-season training schedule. This program covers physical testing, weight-training, on-pitch conditioning, speed and agility sessions over an 8-week period.
If you’re interested in peaking your performance on the pitch, or avoiding an early injury that may affect your season, then this program is the one for you.

Pre-Season Rugby Program


All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

The program encompasses an 8-week progression through strength, conditioning, speed and change of direction/agility elements. There are 2-3 strength sessions/week, 2 conditioning sessions/week and 1-2 optional speed/agility sessions/week included.
Access to a gym is preferable for completion of the program. However, you will be able to complete the conditioning, speed and agility sessions without the use of a gym. You may be able to complete the plyometrics, bodyweight exercises and some of the gym-based strength training with minimal equipment. Variations are provided for every exercise.
I have worked with a broad range of rugby union players. Some have been elite, some a lot less so. The goal of the program is to offer an elite standard of programming and coaching, to players that would otherwise not be lucky enough to experience it. So for that reason, the program is suitable for amateur, semi-professional and elite-level players.
The conditioning sessions and strength sessions are individualized on a positional basis. There are also tiered exercise progressions based off of the individual’s own personal level of fitness and experience.
If you have a persistent injury, you will not be able to complete every aspect of this program. As with anything, you may experience some benefit in your unaffected qualities, but I suggest that a more personalized approach would be more beneficial for you. Either consult with a physiotherapist and supplement your rehabilitation with this program. Or alternatively, contact me for a consultation and a more personalized rehabilitation program, in in-person or online coaching.