GAA Elite Athlete Blueprint


Monthly subscription to elite-level strength & conditioning programming and specific elite-level nutritional assistance to improve your strength, speed, power, change of direction & conditioning ability for Gaelic Games.


Monthly subscription to S&C programming and practical nutritional assistance for GAA athletes delivered via the TeamBuildr app.



If you’re a Gaelic Footballer or Hurler committed to returning in 2023 as a fitter, faster & stronger version of yourself, then this is the program for you.

Whether you feel you need to improve in terms of speed, change of direction, strength or conditioning, this program covers it all.

5 weekly training sessions will be delivered to your TeamBuildr account which will be focused on improving your performance both on the pitch and in the gym.

3x gym sessions and 2x speed, change of direction & conditioning, pitch-based sessions are included in the program. These sessions will be progressed weekly in terms of difficulty to improve your performance over time.

Nutritional assistance will be provided by elite inter-county nutritionists from

The program will be delivered via an online platform and will include bi-weekly webinars and Q&As on S&C, nutrition and from guest speakers from the world of elite performance as well!

Whether you’re a young player trying to break into the senior team, or a veteran trying to avoid injury, this programming will help you to reach your goals.

If you’re serious about taking your performance on the field of play to the next level, stop leaving it to chance and sign up today.

Season 2023 starts now.

Don’t get left behind.

GAA Elite Athlete Blueprint


All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

The program consists of 3x Gym sessions (2 “High” sessions + 1 “Low” session) & 2x Pitch-based sessions focused on improving speed, change of direction ability and conditioning.
To get the most out of the program it is advised that you complete all of the recommended sessions. However, the program can be catered to your needs with only the 3x “High” sessions being seen as essential to improve your performance. A range of sets and reps will always be programmed in the gym so that the athlete can select the appropriate volume based on their own needs and physical readiness at the time. There is also a range of alternative exercises afforded to the athlete in the gym so that they can pick the variation that is best suited to their likes, dislikes, injury history and equipment available. This program is the guide. You decide the direction you go in and can employ it as you see fit.
The monthly subscription is a rolling 28-day subscription, so for as long as you stay in the group, you will continue to receive elite-level programming.
This program is for healthy athletes entering their season. If you are carrying and acute or chronic injury then it is strongly advised that you see a physiotherapist or other medical professional and seek their advice prior to starting the program. The program can then be integrated into your rehabilitation program by the practitioner in question, but it is not to be used as a rehabilitation tool by itself. Strength & Speed training can help to reduce the risk of injury, but not prevent it from happening. Likewise if you are returning from injury it is advised that you seek out a specific program to help you to return to sport in a progressive and conservative manner.
This program is designed for improving performance for Gaelic Football and Hurling. It is most appropriate for athletes in those sports. However, if you are playing a sport with similar fitness characteristics and physical demands to GAA the program may improve your performance in that sport as well. If you are interested in receiving a specific program for your sport then it may be best to drop me an email at and scheduling a consultation call.

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