Distance Running Program


6-week 5/10km periodised running program, including 2 weekly home-based strength sessions for the casual runner.


With another lockdown worldwide coinciding with the beginning of 2021, I’ve begun to see more and more new-years resolutioners returning to the roads, after a hiatus of more than a few months. Running is a fantastic form of exercise for just about everyone. The only problem is, the general public are poorly informed when it comes to how to program and progress their training. Typically, they’ll head straight out on the road and begin running again, looking to best their time or distance each day they do so. Though it’s fantastic practice to get competitive with yourself and focus on beating the person you were yesterday, this poses a number of problems that I see again and again in the general population.
This 6-week periodised running program, includes weekly, home-based, running-specific strength and conditioning sessions, as well as a graded weekly progression in terms of running volume. Perfect for the casual distance runner, that wants to improve their performance and avoid injury.

Distance Running Program

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All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

The program encompasses running sessions and running-specific strength and conditioning sessions. There are 3 running sessions per week and
No, all of the exercises can be completed at home, with minimal use of equipment.
There are two separate periodized plans within this program. One is catered for 5km runners and the other for 10km runners. The entire program is suitable for both the recreational runner and competitive endurance athletes.
If you have a persistent injury, you will not be able to complete every aspect of this program. As with anything, you may experience some benefit in your unaffected qualities, but I suggest that a more personalized approach would be more beneficial for you. Either consult with a physiotherapist and supplement your rehabilitation with this program. Or alternatively, contact me for a consultation and a more personalized rehabilitation program, in in-person or online coaching.